The Limerick story

We’re a leading broadband service provider. But there’s more to us than that.

What we love is simple – providing insanely fast, unlimited broadband plans and super-reliable connections for homes and businesses.

We evolved from the frustration of Internet users who were tired of waiting for truly fast and affordable broadband to be made available to more than just a privileged few.

Limerick is a specialist in providing fixed wire solutions to thousands of customers, utilising state of the art technology that is backed with years of expertise from its highly skilled engineering team.

We don’t overload our networks, which can result in degraded performance at peak times. As we grow, so to do the world-leading resources we bring on board in order to ensure an ongoing speedy, stable experience for all our valued customers.

Why choose Limerick?

  • We have a network that operates across a wide range of technologies to provide the optimal solution for our customer needs.
  • We have the right technology, the right people, the experience and the drive to help bring you up to speed with the rest of the world.
  • Our Customer Care team that operates 7 days a week to take care of our customers questions and concerns efficiently and effectively.
  • We partner with proven technology and supply partners to ensure a reliable solution is delivered to our customers every time.


Sick of flaky ADSL and cable services that don’t provide the bandwidth you need? Frustrated dealing with ISP’s who can’t seem to communicate clearly?

Take the first step towards a fresh new internet connectivity experience. Compare the difference and check to see if Limerick is available in your area!

If we aren’t, we’ll strive to be in your location very soon – and your registration of interest will help get us there sooner.

Limerick is leading Internet Service Provider

If you require any assistance please contact our friendly customer care team.